River City Church's essential principle is that people are created to have an encounter with God. This is why we emphasize the Holy Spirit, centered around the Person and work of Jesus Christ. 

River City derived its name from Psalm 46:4: "There is a River whose streams make glad the City of God..."

In Scripture, the "River" is the Holy Spirit (John 7:37-39,) and the "City" is all of us as the Church (Hebrews 12:22.) We like to think of the "City" as our lives in general too. So, "River City" is the Holy Spirit in your church and life.

It is our vision that you will encounter God in this way, that you will fall in love with Jesus with us. Our vision is to uplift our Lord Jesus Christ (he who is God incarnate, who lived a sinless life, then died on the cross to save us. He was risen from the dead, and is coming again.) And we wish to build a strong Spirit-filled church (a group of believers that are infilled and overflow with God) in this area. 

We press in when we praise and worship. We speak and sing in tongues as the Spirit leads. The Word is preached with love and power. We believe in physical healing as we pray in faith, always aware of God's sovereignty in all matters. We believe in the Holy Ghost, that lives are dramatically impacted by an encounter with Him.

You will feel very welcome at River City Church.